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95  Ways to Be More Creative

95 Ways to Be More Creative

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Here are a few fun ways to keep the creative juices flowing. The most important thing is to keep having fun! 

Here is my list:

  1. meditate 20 minutes a day
  2. take a long walk
  3. write Morning Pages 
  4. talk to other artists
  5. get enough sleep
  6. keep a sketchbook
  7. make something everyday
  8. write a manifesto
  9. photograph your neighborhood
  10. visit a museum
  11. use your non-dominant hand for the whole day
  12. use a new material
  13. take on online class try Skillshare or Creative Live
  14. collaborate with someone
  15. begin again
  16. make a collage with recycled material
  17. Read ART and FEAR
  18. feel the fear and do it anyway
  19. get messy
  20.  read a poem
  21. make your own collage paper
  22. make a list of 100 things to do to when you are stuck
  23. list everything you are grateful for
  24. make a mind map
  25. make a vision board
  26. start using pinterest
  27. mix new colors
  28. walk in a new neighborhood
  29. draw blind
  30. draw upside-down 
  31. try a new app or software
  32. enjoy failure
  33. read every book by Austin Kleon
  34. comment on a blog or a post
  35. write a guest post for a blog
  36. write a letter to yourself about your creative goals
  37. draw everything in your refrigerator 
  38. pick a color, notice it everywhere you go
  39. write a haiku poem
  40. list 100 painting you love and why you love them
  41. photograph lights and shadows
  42. draw your hands and feet
  43. draw, photograph or write about what is in your bag or pockets
  44. make 100 self portraits 
  45. paint with a large brush
  46. paint with a twig
  47. collect textures to use in your work
  48. make rubbings of textures and use them in your work.
  49. practice yoga write about it in a journal
  50. brainstorm with a friend
  51. explore blogs and websites
  52. host a creative art making event
  53. paint or draw outside
  54. write at Starbucks
  55. paint using only a brayer and a sponge
  56. collect 100 inspiring quotes
  57. take pictures from a new perspective 
  58. make stencils and use them in a project
  59. write about your strengths 
  60. inspire someone
  61. list all the ways you can nurture your creative self 
  62. list 100 things you want to make before you die
  63. list 100 reasons why creativity matters
  64. take a power nap
  65. do Suduko or a brain boosting game
  66. stop multitasking
  67. take an improv class
  68. learn tai chi
  69. make mistakes
  70. read book a week
  71. be a life long learner
  72. Take the VIA Survey
  73. take a singing class
  74. draw or paint to music
  75. stay in your pajamas all day
  76. keep an idea book with you
  77. write down your dreams 
  78. make a series of paintings based on your dreams
  79. use the Pomodoro Technique
  80. let ideas incubate for 24 hours
  81. find a coach or mentor
  82. no TV for one week
  83. go hiking or camping
  84. draw or paint: earth, air, fire, water,
  85. draw or paint emotions: happy, sad, angry, depressed 
  86. take breaks
  87. explore flea markets and antique stores for inspiration
  88. invent a new game
  89. paint a rock with an inspiring word or two and put it some where for someone to find
  90. listen to a podcast
  91. use How To Be an Explorer of the World
  92. play with clay
  93. try origami 
  94. take up knitting
  95. make Gelli prints

What's on your list? What are you doing to stay in your creative zone?

here is a link to download the PDF version of the list-HERE

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