Art is not a thing; art is a way.

-Elbert Hubbard

The Artful Inquiry Creative Coaching + Art Mentoring with Cheryl Warrick                

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Are you struggling to express yourself and need help to find your authentic creative voice?

  • Do you need support around a specific project or artistic goal? Do you want to find more time to create and more confidence in what create?


Artist Coaching and Mentoring might be just what you need.


My role as your coach and mentor is to help you get to where you want to be I will help you stay on track to be productive and stay true to what is meaningful and essential for you to succeed.  


I am here to help you craft and cultivate a creative life that rooks your world. I have been an artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer. I have 30 years of studio-based experience.


I know what it takes to be a passionate and creative maker of beautiful things!


It takes countless hours to hone your skills, develop your vision and perfect your techniques 


I know that putting yourself out there can feel vulnerable and raw sometimes.


I understand what it feels like to feel blocked and afraid you not succeed- it stinks!


I know what it feels like to be comparing yourself and feel like your work isn’t good enough.  


You might be forgetting all your strengths and gifts… All the unique things that make your work one of a kind and uniquely yours!

I want to help you remember your superpowers!!!

  • how it feels to be in the flow of your creative process

  • how fantastic it is to look at a body of work and love it

  • how it feels to honor and support your gifts  

Let me help you create an actionable strategy.

Together we can...

  • create personalized approaches to help see your strengths and use them to get where you want to go

  • create a strategy for you to get more work done  

  • help you to clarify your creative vision

  • I help you show up for yourself and gain momentum so you can step fully into your creative journey.

You are whole and not broken.You are the expert in your life!

WHAT I DON'T DO...... I don’t do PR, marketing or give any legal advice. I am NOT a therapist, and I cannot diagnose or treat depression, panic attacks, addictions or anxiety disorders.

I am happy to listen and support and hold you gently accountable to yourself.


So how does this work???

Start with one free 30 minute call to see if we are a fit!  Start by emailing me to schedule your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call.

In the message below, please tell what you would like to work on in your coaching sessions and three possible dates and times that would work for your phone call.

You will hear from me via email and will take it from there!  

We can work in person if you are in the Boston area or via a Skype session.                                             


Name *




Coaching Package includes:


  • 3 months of individual Artist Coaching including:


  • two telephone or Skype video session per month -one hour each session


  • follow up notes from call or Skype session.


  • unlimited email support


 Price: 500.00